Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gameday With Lindsay

When my dear friend Erin moved to Germany she (obviously) could no longer attend her (husband's) beloved Gamecock games....enter Lindsay, Gamecock fan to the extreme!!!  Lindsay reached out to the family that shared the tickets with Erin and they worked out a deal so that Lindsay could share the tickets with them.  

Lindsay generously took me to one of the games and I have to say as each year goes by I am more and more in love with the SEC and our Gamecocks

A couple of fun notes:  I have never attended a night game for the Gamecocks, so we knew the temps would drop and it would be cooler than normal. Also, because it was a night game it would have been kind of late to drive back to Charleston, so Lindsay's college friend and her sweet husband let us crash at their darling house-so fun!  Night games are so different because all the lights and fireworks are so much better!!! 

The sweetest hostess in Columbia, Suzanne-such a dear, kind friend!

We like to get inside early-ish and get settled,  It gives us lots of time to relax and enjoy the stadium before it gets CRAZY!!!

Social Media Moment:  Lindsay and I are both friends with a lot of the same people on Twitter and Instagram and while we were there one of our friends posted a picture of herself at the game and from the angle she took it she looked like she was I commented on her photos and lo and behold....she was a couple of rows-right behind us!!!!  So fun meeting sweet online friends who turn out to be just as sweet in person!!!


Gamecocks won but they made us sweat it was a nail biter of a game!!!


Rock Chef said...

What a great view of the pitch!

Love the way you yanks make such an event of things like this.

Kiki said...

RC, Its funny I have almost always been a football (American) fan and Ken...notsomuch.