Sunday, August 18, 2013

(41) Photos From A Dear Friend's Wedding

So last weekend Ken and I escaped for a couple of days to the Florida Gulf Coast for the wedding of my dear friend Jill....these are the pictures from her spectacular day and if they are blurry its because I didn't stop moving, dancing and jumping for joy that she has here happily ever after.

{The minister, Mark[groom] and Jake[son of the bride, love him]} 

{Maid of Honor, Lori}

{Jake, on his way to retrieve his mom and walk her the rest of the way}  This poor little man was sick as a dog and really pushed to make it through the ceremony.

{The bride and her father.}

While it looks like she is slapping his face or letting him"talk-to-the-hand" I assure you this was a sweet, tender gesture of care.

The groom, Mark, has a daughter and she joined them at the alter to combine 4 different colors of sand to symbolize the joining of their was very sweet.

Done.  Sealed with a kiss.

Okay.  A couple of kisses.

The view from above.

Signature drink.  Deliciousness.

Fantastic details.

This is one of my favorite photos and while I try not to take flash photos at a wedding because I know how hard the photographer is working to get all the right shots....I couldn't resist grabbing this one.

Goodnight Watercolor Inn.

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Rock Chef said...

What a fab location for a wedding!