Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Summer Wedding

Legit, I'm not even trying to pretend there will be any regularity to my posting, and I just picked a random photo folder and started uploading.

It was Olivia's birthday the same day as the wedding, so birthday doughnuts in the morning and wedding cake at night.

Just hanging out at Heathey's with the newest little, Douglas!

Wrangling the littles for photos....made for hilarious photos!

The littles with Mormor.

We look naked....but we're all wearing strapless dresses. : )

So hot = ponytail.

Kiersten (my cousin) with Mormor.

My Uncle Craig and me!!

Lauren with her four gorgeous boys!!!!

Sisters. Husbands. Littles. And Mommy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Don't Call It A Comeback

Should I just pick up where I left off since I'm pretty sure I'm just keeping this blog for me and its scrapbooking capabilities???  After my youngest sister had the baby my sister, Heather, came down with her daughter/my niece for Nana's birthday and Spring Break.  It wasn't warm enough to really enjoy the beach so we took a lot of selfies!!!

Halfway through Heather's friend came down with her daughter on a school tour...and spent the weekend with us.

We didn't have a "4" but 3+1=4 so it works.

Ken and Kik.

Kik and Lindsay.

Liv and Uncle Ken.

Silly selfies.